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The piano is a keyboard instrument that always makes a beautiful, extremely variable sound. It represents the most highly developed means of satisfying musical needs in a musical instrument. It can produce melody and harmony at the same time. Its range covers almost all the sounds used in music and it can produce an extraordinary variety of soft and loud musical notes with great speed and tone colour effects. A piano is more than a mechanical device, because it can express human emotions. Learning to play the piano can open the door to the development of the theory aspects of music and it can also reward you with a fantastic, fun filled musical experience that can stimulate the senses. Caterina Franco Music Tuition can offer you the best advice in Sutherland Shire for Piano lessons that will get you started.

Why select caterina franco MUSIC TUITION for piano Lessons? Our music academy is a wonderful environment that adults and children look forward to coming to over and over! Here are just some great details to choose caterina franco MUSIC TUITION for your Piano Lessons!

Playing a musical instrument is a great fantastic way to improve fine motor skills and it offers a wonderful multi-sensory experience. It involves training delicate control of the muscles and the rehearsal of extremely complex movements so that they become natural or automatic. The ability to read and interpret intellectual information such as music notation in real time, the ability to visualize and recall from memory lengthy patterns of sound while instantaneously giving meaning and expression to those sounds, and the ability to react to feedback from the three primary senses involved in creating music – sight, sound, and touch. And all this may happen concurrently in an instance of music making.

The piano is diverse from other instruments as the number of tasks essential in execution of a piece on the piano is commonly much greater than on other instruments. For example, on a flute you may only be capable of playing a single melody; a piano piece may involve you to play quite a few melodies at any one time, regularly involving some type of chordal accompaniment as well. Additionally, on keyboard instruments the left and right hands frequently move individually of one another than they do on other instruments.

Some of the outstanding composers through-out history were the almost all pianists. This is not an accident as keyboard instruments particularly pianos are only a limited group of instruments on which you can potentially play a complete piece of music, including melodies, counter-melodies and accompaniments – the piano often being recognized as the only instrument which could completely challenge the orchestra in terms of the power and fullness of its sound. The arrangement of the keyboard also reflects the way musical tones are arranged in European music, the origin of most of the music we listen to today, which enables an appropriate understanding of how music is written.

Learning to play the piano will simply give you, or your children, a lifetime of entertainment and an incredible sense of achievement and pleasure.

Our professional piano teachers can teach you to:

  • Learn to play and name common notes, rhythm and harmony
  • Learn to play your favourite songs
  • Put your hand anywhere on the keyboard and play notes
  • Improvise, even on fast-changing notes
  • Improvise an endless stream of creative musical phrases
  • Focus on technique

Piano Lessons Key Details

  • Beginner piano lessons
  • Adult piano lessons
  • Reading music for piano
  • Piano scales
  • Intermediate piano technique
  • Piano exam tuition
  • Diploma level piano lessons
  • Contemporary piano
  • Classical piano
  • Jazz piano
  • Piano for leisure syllabus
  • Piano improvisation
  • AMEB piano tuition
  • ANZCA piano tuition
  • Guild piano tuition
  • Trinity piano tuition
  • Piano theory
  • Piano accompanying
  • Band or ensemble work
Piano Lessons

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