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At Caterina Franco Music Tuition we cater for all keyboard stylesand we can specialise in many modern styles such as Blues, Jazz, and Rock. The Electronic Keyboard or keyboard is closely related to Pop and New Wave styles of music but have remained popular ever since. Electronic keyboard instruments are generally inexpensive and learned as a novelty for amateurs and children alike. If you are a big fan of music, learn how to play a musical instrument. If you are passionate about playing an instrument, first you must learn how to read music. Keyboard lessons and practising to play a musical instrument can be a rewarding and satisfying achievement. Music is a universal language - learn to speak this wonderful language - pick up a musical instrument today and never look back!

There are many different types of musical instruments, often running in families. As a result, one of the most widely known of these pairs are electric and acoustic guitar, but the other one is the piano and keyboard. Generally, the piano is better for precision and musical theory, however the keyboard is better for portability and versatility. Commonly, popular music today uses a keyboard. Depending where you wish to take your musical career, you can learn either keyboardor you can have piano lessons.

Electric keyboards are fairly versatile, having a whole array of synthesised instrument options to choose from to accompany you whilst you’re playing the keyboard. You can practice and record all the different parts to a particular song, effectively serving as your own orchestra by playing and recording all the parts. Another difference between keyboard and piano is that keyboards are electronic and do not require good acoustic setup services of a piano tuner!

Also, keyboards automatically play a perfect synthesised pitch for their notes, so there isn’t really a feel for the instrument. The note is held for as long as you press the key on a keyboard, but this can be done as well with a piano if you properly time a pedal press. Volume is also controlled automatically by keyboards. When choosing whether to have keyboard or piano lessons, you also have to consider which instrument would be more suitable in the situations you’re most likely to encounter. For popular music, many musicians will choose the keyboard, because it’s evidently easier to transport a keyboard than a piano. Piano or keyboard is the ideal instrument to start lessons with. It sounds excellent as a solo instrument or perhaps in a band with other instruments. caterina franco MUSIC TUITION is the specialist in keyboard lessons Sutherland Shire!

Our professional keyboard teachers can teach you to:

  •  Learn to play and name the most common notes
  •  Learn to play your favourite songs
  •  Put your hand anywhere on the keyboard and play in any key
  •  Improvise, even on fast-changing chords and keys
  •  Play great solos on any chord sequence
  •  Improvise an endless stream of creative musical phrases
  •  Add chords to a melody
  •  Focus on technique

Keyboard Lessons Key Details

  •  Easy to understand and pickup
  •  All the notes are laid out in order from lowest to highest.
  •  It is easy to sound a note - just push down a key!
  •  Piano is capable of melody and harmony so you can learn to play both.
  •  Beginner Keyboard Lessons
  •  Adult Keyboard lessons
  •  Reading music for Keyboard
  •  Keyboard scales
  •  Intermediate keyboard technique
  •  Keyboard exam preparation
  •  Keyboard for leisure syllabus
  •  AMEB Keyboard tuition
  •  Keyboard theory
  •  Band or ensemble work
Keyboard Lessons

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